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mesh welding machine
Category: Semi-automatic Custom Equipment  Publish Time: 2011-06-30 09:54 
Apply for the continuous welding of longitudinal bar ,transverse bar.

Features and benefits:

1,The whole machine adopts PLC programmable controller computer and high degree of automation.
2,Weldable hot rolled ribbed, rolled ribbed, hot aperture, cold aperture, and other materials, and wide applicability.
3,Capacitance according to the user, using one or many times, great flexibility.
4,designed for separation of structure, convenient adjustment of specifications and maintenance.
5,Transformer, SCR, such as upper and lower electrodes and welding systems with the adoption of compulsory water flow protection device, the unit can work continuously and reliably.
6,Welding pneumatic system presure is adjustable stepless, easy to adjust when specifications of wire change, the pressure of welding is average and equal, ensuring the quality of all welding points.
7,Welding standard setting nets, the upper and lower electrodes no need to adjust it so time-consuming transformation spacing specifications. Greatly improve the real productivity.
8,wire feeding is accomplished by automatic transmission device,reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency.
9,Imported automatic digital servo motor systems and precision ball screws,to ensure the accuracy of mesh size.
10,Vertical mesh size can be adjusted through the touch screen input, network adaptation project specifications change requires more.
11,Roller linear bearing guide structure to ensure action flexible and mesh shape when they move.
12,line wire feeding system is automatic,and equipping with detection device in place,ensuring raliability and accuracy.
13,Unique design to ensure the replacement of wire and wire mesh specifications, convenient, flexible and fast