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seam welding machine
Category: Universal Equipment  Publish Time: 2011-06-30 11:07 
horizontal seam welder

adopt 3-phase motor to drive with type of variable frequency speed controlling, average welding speed, easy to adjust, and stability.
welding circuit loop is by means of internal water cooling, welding wheel (electrode) are by means of external water cooling.
the parts of electric conduction turning on welding machine are designed to be embedded silver bushings structure, the base of electric conduction is lubricated by hermetic oil and be cooled down by water so as to sliver bushings turn flexibly not to lock.
both horizontal and longitudinal two type seam welders. H: Horizontal, L: Longitudinal.
Be widely used in metal, electrical appliances, oil or water tank etc. most be suitable for basin, barrel, tank or sealed and thin containers weld of low carbon steel or stainless steel materials.